March 3, 2020

Everyday, looking out our windows, we can see the hills covered by vineyards. 

Actually our area is rich in small wine companies and distilleries, owned by passionate people who offer us refined DOC wines and spirits, well-known and appreciated all over the world. 

The idea of giving a second life to their organic scraps was most welcome by the wine producers, who have offered us their grapes scraps with great curiosity and expectations. 

Our team has taken on this new challenge with just as much enthusiasm and, after numberless trials, has developed one of the most liked Mixcyling® materials: BIO VINUM, a blend of km 0 grapes scraps and biodegradable bioplastic. 

For sure BIO VINUM is suitable for various applications but, according to us, it would be perfect in the design packaging for wine and spirits sector. 

Don’t hesitate: share your ideas with our team as we simply love challenges!