March 3, 2020

Labrenta is one of the first authorized Mixcycling partners: the company has the exclusive right to use the Mixcycling materials for the sector of closures for beverage and food in the world area.

For sure, recycling its own waste and contributing in the development of exclusive materials, sustainable and appealing, is a big opportunity not to be missed!

Labrenta srl has understood the importance of this new concept of materials and promptly has taken the opportunity of making its industrial waste available and employing the Mixcycling blends in the production of their closures for food and beverages.

Thus, the scraps of high quality wood, used to produce elegant closures for spirits, become the organic charge of the material Mixcycling Lignum, and the cork powder, industrial waste coming from the production of corks for wine, is used in the material Mixcycling Sughera.

Both materials, together with the complete range of Mixcycling blends, become the components of Labrenta‚Äôs exclusive sustainable closures.